Admission Requirements

  1. To be eligible for registration, your child must be from 18 months on the first day of school to a maximum 4-1/2 years old during the semester.
  2. During registration, your child must be with you for a short interview.
  3. We apologize for not being facilitate for children with special cases.

Please fill the below registration form or download the form by Click Here and submit the form in the school after fill it.

Registration Form 2016-2017

General Information:

Parental/Guardian Information

Mother’s Information:

Caretaker’s Information:

The following persons have my permission to pick up my child from Starlight:

Secondary Emergency Contract Information:

If parents cannot be reached in case of emergency call:

Information about your Child:

Please be as accurate as possible so we can assure a safe and fan environment for your child.

Potty Trained : YesNo

I certify that all of the information given is correct and accurate to our best knowledge and I will immediately inform Starlight Preschool administration if any or all of the information is changed and I have read and understand all of the rules and regulations.