School Hours

  • School hours are from 08:00 AM to 12:30 PM Sunday to Thursday.
  • Extra hours are from 12:30 AM to 04:30 PM Sunday to Thursday.
  • Doors will be closed at 8.45 AM for Safety Purposes.

Admission Requirements

  1. To be eligible for registration, your child must be from 18 months on the first day of school to a maximum 4-1/2 years old during the semester.
  2. During registration, your child must be with you for a short interview.
  3. We apologize for not being facilitate for children with special cases.

Regulations during drop off and pick up of students

As we are concerned about the continuous improvement of your child’s education, safety and comfort please follow and instruct the rules to caretakers and drivers during their visit to preschool.

  1. For the safety of students, please take your children to the restroom to wash their hands before they enter the preschool. TAKE OFF your shoes at the entrance and avoid bringing hot drinks with you upon visiting / observing your child.
  2. To obtain your child’s independence during school, Students are NOT ALLOWED to be accompanied by their caretakers inside the school.
  3. Parents and caretakers should wait on the stairs for dropping your child and dismissal. One of our staff members will assist you.
  4. Parents, Drivers and Caretakers are NOT ALLOWED to walk around the compound and its facilities as per Management’s instructions. Please walk from the gate directly to the preschool and vice versa.
  5. The person whose name is registered with us on the Registration form ( pickup your child ). So please advise the administration department immediately if any changes occur during this period.

School Fees structure

A. The fee structure for school hours are from 08:00 AM to 12:30 PM Sunday to Thursday.

  • Total 1 year fee is Sr 14,000.00 ( Full year ).
  • Payment Schedule First Semester 7,000.00 SR is Due on 18/09/2016.
  • Payment Schedule Second Semester 7,000.00 SR is Due on 25/1/2017.

 B. The fee structure for school hours are from 08:00 AM to 4:30 PM Sunday to Thursday.

  • Total 1 year is Sr 20,000.00 ( Full year ).
  • Payment Schedule First Semester 10,000.00 SR is Due on 18/09/2016.
  • Payment Schedule Second Semester 10,000.00 SR is Due on 25/1/2017.

C. The second Brother/Sister 10% discount will be grant.

D. The School fees are due in advance as per the above schedule.

Absences & Termination of Enrolment

  1. We regret to inform that if the fees are not paid on time, you risk your child’s place at Starlight Preschool and the child will be return back with the care taker.
  2. Please advise the Administration if your child will be absent for more than three Days.
  3. Misconduct such as biting, hitting, spitting and bad words may dismiss your child from the preschool if we are not able to correct such behavior and help from home hasn’t improved 10 days – 2 week observation, after parents have been informed.


We kindly ask you to place healthy food in your child’s lunch box (e.g. fruits, yogurt, cold meat, sandwiches, cereal). Please, avoid unhealthy food (e.g Soda, Potato Chips, Candies, chocolates). Please do not use glass containers and knives for the safety of students.  Kindly inform us of any allergies your child may have to any food.


The school uniform is an important part of Starlight Preschool. It is a symbol of a Student pride. It will also help us and the security to identify the Students of Starlight Preschool immediately.  Therefore, the following rules must be followed to insure the safety of your child and the preschool’s pride:

  1. Students must wear the school’s uniform.
  2. Please don’t send your child wearing shoes with laces (shoestrings).


  1. For Show and tell, our students should bring special items from home but, NO GUN TOYS
  2. If home projects are assigned, Parents are kindly requested to share the work of the project with the Students.

Illness and Medications

If your child feels sick or has flu symptoms, please, keep him/her at home for a good rest.  Sick Students will be asked to go home for a rest.  We are not allowed to give Students any medications.

Diapers and Toilet Training

  1. Toilet Trained: Students must be able to tell the adult of their needs to go to potty before they have to go.  Students must be able to pull down their cloth and wear them back with minimum help.
  2. Diapers:  If students are not toilet trained, they have to wear diapers all the time. Diapers and Baby wipes must be provided by Parents.  

Change of Students / Family Information

Parents are required to report any changes of phone numbers and emergency contact details.

Birthday Parties

We welcome the celebration of your child’s birthday at school. However, you must inform the school supervisor at least a week in advance. Unfortunately, we only allow ONE BIRTHDAY PARTY PER WEEK for the first booking. You will need to bring a helper on this day.

Social media:

We will post information and news on the school’s social media pages when possible.   We will try to share pictures of group activities on the school’s pages when possible.

School Calendar

  1. Frist Semester Starts on Sunday 18/9/2016 and Ends on Thursday 26/1/2017.
  2. Between Semester Vacation from Friday 11/11/2016. The school resumes on Sunday 19/11/2016.
  3. Christmas & New Year Vacation is from Friday 23/12/2016. The school resumes on Sunday 8/1/2017.
  4. Between Semester Vacation from Friday 27/1/2017, The school resumes on Sunday 5/2/2017.
  5. Second semester starts on Sunday 5/2/2017 and end Thursday 15.6.2017.
  6. Mid-Year Vacation is from Friday 31/3/2017. The school resumes on Sunday 9/4/2017.
  7. The school ends on Thursday 15/6/2017.