“The Management, Teachers and other Faculty members are readily available to discuss issues, invite & encourage parent interaction in their premises.  All the staff work dedicatedly making sure my kid is as best can be. They expect my child to be successful and go to any level of excellence and assuring that my kid is provided with proper tools and encouragement.”

Khalid, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

“The children are prepared well, socially and educationally for middle school and were engaged in classroom discussions and responsible. The teachers coordinate well with the parents in communicating homework and engaging each child. The children were being provided with the help they require in understanding the basic fundamentals including social awareness.”

Raymond, RRT, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

“We always feel that the staff at Starlight School is fantastic, lovable and caring with the children! The environment is very welcoming and encouraging for the kids to grow knowledgeably and mentally.”

Leila, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

“We really love the way the Starlight school management place the children of various cultures in one classroom. My daughter was the youngest girl in the class and learned how to successfully work out social situations with the support of the school teachers. She felt very contented and happy with the ambience and the staff. Personally, I have watched a huge improvement in her confidence levels and social awareness during her term at Starlight school.”

Rahman, Riyadh